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Yuya Yoshimatsu
Landscape From My Dimension
.16 Sat. - 09.24 Sun., 2023

English Below,

今回で6回目、Yuya Yoshimatsu名義では前回の銀座sixに引き続き2回目となる展示会
The Violet Brainedを東京INHERIT GALLERYにて開催。
昨年2022年より継続的に行なっている油画制作において、今回彼が新たに制作した作品のテーマは"Landscape From My Dimension"。Yuya Yoshimatsuが生活する上で、感じている五感、目の奥に入れる景色、耳の奥に入れる音、鼻の奥に入れる匂い、口の奥に入れる味、肌の奥に入れる感触。彼自身が日常的に吟味したそれら全ての外的要因から出来る、彼自身が存在しているこの世で一番心地良い異次元空間(彼が保有する次元空間)を彼のLandscapeとして描いている。

This is the 6th EXPO <The Violet Brained>, the 2nd under the name of Yuya Yoshimatsu, to be held at INHERIT GALLERY in Tokyo.
In the oil painting production that he has been doing continuously since 2022 last year, “Landscape From My Dimension” that is the theme of the new work he created this time. The five senses in his life that is these things; the scenery that took in his eyes, the sound that took in his ears, the smell that took in nose, the taste that took in his mouth and the feeling that took in his skin; all these things is on purpose by himself. He’s painting a landscape what he sees on a daily basis from the most comfortable parallel universe in this world for him(the dimensional space he owns) created by all those external factors that he chooses carefully on a daily basis. 
That’s where he lives.
Sound make the time, smell make the space, taste make the sensibility and feeling make the emotion; and he has own scenery and these's gonna be his five senses.

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